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Division of Geochronology and Environmental Isotopes

Department of Radioisotopes

Head: Natalia Piotrowska, PhD hab. Eng., prof. at SUT

Website: http://www.carbon14.pl/


  • Two liquid scintillation alpha and beta spectrometers QUANTULUS™ 1220
  • Two liquid scintillation counters ICELS
  • Three assemblies of gas proportional counters
  • Vacuum line for preparation of graphite targets for 14C AMS dating
  • Vacuum lines for CO2 production and purification for GPC measurement
  • Line to conversion samples to the benzene
  • Automatic reader of TL and OSL signals
  • Thermoluminescence reader of TL dosimeters
  • Gamma spectrometer with the HPGe detector
  • Alpha spectrometer with the Si detector
  • Two gamma scintillation spectrometers
  • Mass Spectrometer IsoPrime
  • Line for α-cellulose extraction from tree rings
  • Device for precise measurements of annual tree ring width
  • Radiocarbon DataBase ROSE
  • Luminescence Database

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List of publications:


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